Bad Experiences During Childhood Triggered Risky Sex Behavior

WOMEN who experience physical, verbal or sexual abuse during childhood are more likely to have dangerous sexual behavior in adulthood. This makes the woman at higher risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases or getting pregnant out of wedlock. As soon as the research report published by Family Planning Perspectives this October.

“The more abusive a person experiences during childhood, the greater the likelihood that they have risky behavior,” said Dr. Susan D Hillis, an expert in uterine diseases at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

In his research, Hillis used data from 5,000 women aged over 25 who were treated at the institution where he worked. He asked them about his childhood experiences including physical, verbal, and sexual abuse, witnessing inter-group violence, or living together with perpetrators of violence, criminals or someone who is mentally unwell. Respondents were also asked whether they had had sex before the age of 15, had 30 couples or more, or considered themselves at risk of developing AIDS.

As a result, almost 60 percent of respondents reported having at least one negative experience in childhood. It was revealed, women who experienced one of the bad experiences above were twice as likely to have sex before the age of 15 compared to women who did not have that negative experience.

As for women who experienced all those bad experiences in childhood, the chances were 11 times more likely to have sex before age 15, felt seven times more likely to get AIDS, and 14 times more likely to have had sex with 30 different people. “What we see here is the long-term effect of living in an unhealthy family,” Hillis said. “Risk behavior reflects an effort to gain intimacy that they did not have during childhood,” he added. Maybe this is also why in Bandung, there are students who want to risk starring in their own porn films.