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AS/NZS Amendment. Amendment 1 – incorporated. Published 18/ 08/ Valid from. 04/03/ Information provider. Standards New Zealand. AS/NZS Parking facilities – Off-street car parking. Type: Document; Date: ; Web address: to in Australian Standard AS/NZS Parking Facilities – Part 6: . ( Source: Figure Angle parking module layouts – AS/NZS ).

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The basic dimensions for parking spaces, aisles, circulation roadways and other manoeuvring areas given in this Standard have 289.1 determined firstly az an examination of the dimensions of vehicles in the current range, and the selection of an 85th percentile and a There are a number of standard space requirements for specific vehicle types.

Pedestrian area Category P lighting—Performance and installation design requirements They are applicable to those dimensions in which the driver is required to make a judgment such as turning, manoeuvring and parking, or where slight variations in mechanical or structural attributes of vehicles require a safety margin to be allowed.

AS/NZS /Amdt – Parking facilities – Off-street car parking (FOREIGN STANDARD)

Where practicable the space should be widened by the same amount mzs the aisle is lengthened. It is located at each point where a driver is confronted with a choice of routes, or has to make a turn. It shall be measured perpendicular to a chord of length equal to the wheelbase of the B99 vehicle see Appendix B located longitudinally such that the dimension H is a minimum.

The difficulty of manoeuvring into a parking space is increased by such a location. The required minimum aisle widths for circulating traffic are as shown in Table B4. W Aust PW NZ e These signs shall be used in public car parks at the beginning of steep ramps, up or down, where drivers may find the ramps to be unexpectedly steep.

A typical example is the use of speed limit signs, especially where the posted speed is considerably lower than that adopted by most drivers. Statements expressed in mandatory terms in notes to tables and figures are deemed to be requirements of this Standard. See also Appendix B, Paragraph B4.

The requirements or recommendations contained in published Standards are a consensus of the views of representative interests and also take account of comments received from other sources. Minimum required letter size can be calculated by determining the maximum distance at which the sign needs to be read and allowing 10 mm of letter 290.1 for each 5 m of legibility distance required.

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Where reverse-in parking is unlikely, e. Entry for left turning vehicles nsz driveways in Categories 3 and 4 should be gained by the first vehicular driveway reached, and by using the kerbside lane. Provision for traffic within a parking facility shall take into account the following: The markings shall be slip resistant. Nz B85 vehicle was used for the reasons given in Paragraph B2. Failure of a proposed entry or exit point to meet projected traffic capacity requirements could require either redesign, duplication, relocation or reduction in the number of parking spaces serviced by that entry or exit point.

As a guide, 30 or more movements in a peak hour in and out combined would usually require provision for two vehicles to pass on the driveway, i. Local area traffic management Forms of letters and numerals for road signs Dimensional requirements for parking spaces in each user class are specified in Clause 2.

This calculation applies to letters which are no narrower than Series Nze capital letters as specified in AS and for signs having no more than four message elements, either words, symbols or a combination.

The layout and geometric characteristics of parking facilities are important factors for both usability and safety of the facility. The number of cars calculated from Table 3.

Standards New Zealand :: Parking facilities – Off-street car parking

Buildings and associated facilities NZS Care should be exercised in the location of 2890.1 devices where headroom is limited. For right angle access to a garage, the required width of apron for manoeuvring purposes is shown in Figure 5. B In New Zealand—2. Our products such as boom gates, parking barriers and infrared sensors with various categories to match the client requirement, necessary to build safe and efficient off street parking spaces.

It should be considered for high turnover situations, especially where minimum width spaces have been used. Alternatively, both organizations publish an annual printed Catalogue with full details of all current Standards.


AS/NZS 2890.1:2004

Standards Australia Standards Australia is an independent company, limited by ss, which prepares and publishes most of the voluntary technical and commercial standards used in Australia. A separator or median nzz be provided on two-way curved roadways or ramps where the radius to the outer kerb dimension Ro on Figure 2. The sign 2809.1 be used shall take either one of the following forms or be rearranged to suit a particular site.

Friday, April 29, The size of the queuing area may be determined from consideration of the following: Some modern four wheel drive wagons that are within the scope of the B85 vehicle have a slightly smaller maximum angle of turn about A B99 swept path template is used to check areas designed to be used by one vehicle at a time using outer lines on the template e.

Design requirements and dimensions shall be as follows: The word EXIT should be reserved for use on emergency evacuation signs.

For apron widths at turns into enclosed garages, see Clause 8290.1. Licensee means the purchaser and user of the Product. Where there is to be a kerb or barrier higher than mm and closer than mm from one edge of the roadway 28901.

ramp, the roadway or ramp shall be widened to provide a minimum of mm clearance to the obstruction. Reversing movements to public roads shall be prohibited wherever possible. The one-way value applies only to aisles with other than 90 degree parking. Humps shall not impede pedestrian or wheelchair traffic on any accessible travel path provided for people with disabilities.

Concurrent Users means the maximum number of people 28900.1 to access the Product at any one time, and is limited to the number of Licences purchased. As noted in Paragraph A5, whilst the majority of these are below mm in height, there are some commonly used vehicles whose height is approaching mm.