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They were of the technician class of humanoid species [there are many types in this class of technicians] operating the ship.

Ananda Bosman – 3 by | Mixcloud

And continued to write songs and music for the majority of his life, on guitar and piano, and writing lyrics in his spare time. To remove the isolation from a bowman few contactees, is to spread creative means to engage contact… he did, in bosamn, an experiment with Italians and other nationalities in Switzerland, a neutral country, over 2 nights, applied the protocols using a biofeedback of 8Hz and willpower and other components — each of the participants were able to summon their own UFOs.

Pilots and officers were having contacts inside bases. Captain Stan Deyo, and others testified to this during the late s and anandaa s, including time travel combined with human genetics, etc.

Since then Ananda has vastly expanded his musical composition skills into new heights, gaining international attention. His mother was painting the trees and the landscape there, he was playing near ananca trees by the sand near a pond, and saw a golden sphere… and went inside it.

There is an elongated head to the pentagram. Lockheed engineer Dr Norman Bergrun, a NASA photo engineer, documents in his book The Ringmakers of Saturn, that in the rings ships of 50, km long could be seen, as living entities, living plasma, that resynthesize our holographic reality.

The microscopes of military biologists began observing a new class of discrete energy anabda particles, that are now actively involved in repairing our DNA, and adjusting it to new levels that can incorporate certain viruses. It became denser and denser. Films that show fleets of these close to the sun, many times bigger than Earth, going over solar flare holes, and that are not be drawn into the sun.


These showed publically inand published inin his Sungate Conspiracy:. Quantum mechanics fails to explain 3D animate reality. Primitive life is a time machine.

Furthermore, scientists at the university of London, specializing in Sumer, stated clearly that Sitchin is not an accepted Sumerian scholar, not even in the slightest, and he mixed and chopped the texts, between Akadian and Sumerian versions, chopping off the last paragraphs to change the meanings to adjust them to his theories, and to produce the neo-Darwinism now attempting to be pushed, as a PsyOp…. It is Ananda’s vocals that are featured in the sound bytes of this popular psychedelic GOA trance song.

Greys did not exist in any of the literature back then. Then the ship became focused like a camera lens. Consciousness focuses on the DNA sample, bosmaan get coherent results. It is based upon dead DNA models [dead through the electron microscope], it describes non animate systems like metals and crystals, and cannot describe animate genetics, which has more than two potentials like the DNA base blsman.

Now over witnesses, their credibility is also connected to their background: Bisman peered out of his tent and was shocked anwnda see 5 green spheres hovering over the ground. Also going into the golden sphere, and similar things.

He talked to Dr Dan Burisch in Switzerland via an intermediary about those topics, these particles that are transforming bosmaan biology. Dr Henden then asked Ananda if he could ask them, wether he could see one of their ships. Transduction lines went through the Moon altering through the subatomic particle level, tuning into a breathing system.

The evidence shows they are near the Sun: A amanda of exotic materials have been influxing the whole solar system. Nothing natural at that distance can resist the suns gravitational attraction… Spanning from the NASA SOHO photos he has assembled from onwards, the photos and films document these stations repairing, retuning the Sun.


Ananda was taken to the moon base Tycho: InDr Santilli started fusion with all biological molecules as well; this is the new science of Hadronic anabda. They realised there were 2 entities aboard the ship, their bodies exchanging with the ship membrane.

And publicly speaking on Hz in Augustthanks to the work of Jonathan Tennenbaum and co, with a plethora of classical musicians spearheading the Hz musical tuning in the modern classical music world, for years before.

Ananda Bosman

This compositional sound carpet composed of the tones of a full octave starting at C Hz keyboard tuned at hzaccording to Ananda’s instructions, was to mimic a harmonic sound carpet utilised by the Tibetan Buddhist monks to achieve weight change of objects as observed by Swedish scientist, Dr. Hyper-evolution says that humanity is the sum of our future and our past, in any and every moment. He observed and measured almost every time a pre signature from 7. Ananda, was first featured as the lead singer in the songs ” One ” and ” Light My Flame ” composed by Danish artist Jesper Nielsen, There is a hadronic fusion of electrons, is this ascension?

Erling Strand in who studied the Anands lights. They engaged their protocols with 50 peoples, with cosmic intelligences. After a couple of people on-site in Rouen mentioned that they met him, Ananda talked about the dynamic process of knowledge through 30 years of E. Hyper-evolution means that humanity is a summation of the future and the past, dynamically in the present.

It requires time travel to model those conch shells, like the mollusk shells.