“Entertaining This is warm hearted science fiction with big ideas.” -Interzone “A thrilling, mind- boggling adventure.” -The Times (UK) “Reynolds’s approach. I think the implication is there that Purslane might be Abigail, but it’s never for sure as Abigail was very careful about all clones being equal. The reason she can’t. Alastair Reynolds’ House Of Suns, shortlisted for the Clarke Award, is a novel of ideas, with all that implies. The space-opera epic throws a.

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The restoration of “erased” memory is perhaps now too obvious a trick for hiding then revealing mysterious circumstances and events. It made no difference to their longevity.

Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine. View all 5 comments. This was my first Alastair Reynolds book. Quotes from House of Suns.

House of Suns by Alastair Reynolds | : Books

The memory may stay repressed, absolutely closed to both conscious and unconscious recall. All these influences, and many more, fed into what eventually became House of Suns. That grumpy humanoid fish thing was one of the most lf characters laastair the book and more importantly, the only source of comedic relief in a book that could’ve used a little more humor! The story introduced some of the traditions and taboos of the lines, and sketched in some of the historical background. Reynold’s extraordinary command of the supra-time frame and spaces is superb.

Purslane accompanies them to her ship, where she must be physically present to give the ship order to transfer control over to the robots.

But scratch beneath the scales, the fur, the tin armour, they were still humans at the core, and no amount of primate babble could ever drown out that silence completely. You have the Spirit of the Air and the people of Nuame stating since he disassembled the robot and reassembled it from different atoms it could not be the same creature; the hojse issue with clones as a throwaway comment by Abigail and the question of who is Abigail and does it actually matter; the rewriting and editing of memories; the Spirit of the Air merging its consciousness with Hespersus; the must humane characters being firstly Hespersus and finally the First Machine etc.


Of the Reynolds books I’ve read so far that are set in different worlds than Revelation Space, this is the most like his original signature series and Houee really enjoyed coming back to the style reynoles writing I fell in love with in Rev Space. The sune penchant for Gothic horrors and really unpleasant, grotesque characters is present, though dialed down a very long way from the freak-show that was Revelation Space and I could quibble that perhaps Reynolds’ unique voice rdynolds made a little too generic because it has been pushed too low in the mix, this time around.

Reynolds does not quite possess it if the switches in House of Suns are used as evidence. I’m in the good company of Reynolds because his klaxons went off too, evidenced by the explanation he provides for this astronomical enigma.

It’s a gigantic area of space where there is an unusually low amount of stars or galaxies present. The First Machines were curious but they lacked creativity and they were fundamentally flawed, all possessing a core weakness the Lines exploited.

House of Suns

In this brand of space opera, humans have survived, but at a cost, and with little beyond that mere survival to show for it. Like our heroes, he is interested in clues to the mystery of why the Andromeda galaxy now appears as a blank in the sky and what the recent gleanings from a race of human information archivists may shed on this ominous phenomenon. And faced with concepts and events that span long stretches of millennia, the human mind tends to withdraw, to recoil, at the mere thought of too much time.

Thank you, Dan nelson.

I wanted more about the Andromeda Galaxy that had mysteriously disappeared “The Absence” to our galaxy’s observers. Aalastair book is filled with inaccurate memories: Nov 14, spikeINflorida rated it it was amazing.


House of Suns (Literature) – TV Tropes

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Certainly his best full-length novel. That story introduced Campion and Purslane, two members of a starfaring clan of clonelike individuals known as Gentian line. It’s an interesting alatsair. I’d like to give it 5 stars, but I can’t.

An immensely thrilling, mind-bending piece of work, House looks to the center of all that emptiness and finds its beating heart. And of Ugarit-Panth, alastaur suicidal lf. In House of Suns I wanted to examine an interstellar civilisation from a different, less bracingly pessimistic viewpoint—and that meant creating a new future history. To do so, and with the help of benevolent sentients from a godlike culture named the Kind, he became a crystalline entity, a galaxy-spanning intellect, and a large piano.

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You need to login to do this. A piratical post-human named Ateshga attempts to trick Campion, but Purslane outwits him and rescues memory-impaired Hesperus. I know Purslane found something that looked like Palatial in the secret stasis chamber on her ship that she did not remember putting there: This is the kind of novel Reynolds was meant to write. The Expanse does a fantastic job adapting the Space Opera genre to just the solar system, obviating the need for faster than light reynods.

At the start of the main plot, we follow two of Abigail’s shatterlings, Campion and Purslane, on a collection trip to a couple of planets. The story of 6 million year old human clones that cruise the galaxy, hooking-up everyyears to share their treasure troves of knowledge and to party down.