Alankara, also referred to as palta or alankaram, is a concept in Indian classical music and —Natya Shastra Bharata Muni ( BCE CE). Here are . Search found 2 books and stories containing Alamkarashastra, Alaṃkāraśāstra, Alaṃkāra-śāstra, Alankarashastra or Alankara-shastra. You can also click to the. Alankara Sastra Parichiti. Mishra, Bhabagrahi and Mishra, Santilata () Alankara Sastra Parichiti. Friends Publishers, Cuttack.

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We shall consider this view of Anandavardhana with his rules for the employ- ment sastea these figures in such secondary and ordinary moods and thoughts.

Alankara Sastra Parichiti

Schopenhauer speaks of two styles, one good and the other bad, the former being characterised mainly by simplicity, clarity and precision, and the latter by prolixity, vagueness and word-pomp. The second, is no Laksana in Bharata. Gujarathi Printing Press, Bombay. The law of simplicity and naivete applies to all fine art, for it is compatible with what is most sublime. alankaara

It must be accepted that the Vaidarbha had many graceful features, was simple and sweet, with restraint in adornment, while the Gaudiya which began as a style distinguished by ornament, overdid it and deteriorat- ed. What is this Bhavikatva?

But this view cannot hold good regarding the other class of Alahkara-like Laksanas. These two, of the realm of Vacya vacaka, are but the means, the vehicle, subordinate as Murry says. Mayukha 3 of the Candraloka gives the following Laksanas: In metaphysics, is mentioned as means to Tattvajnana and Nis’s’reyasa by Kanada.

The form of the form itself must be beautiful, must have a music and flow. He says in it that the Pancall is the style in which S’abda and Artha are evenly matched.


We cannot get much sasgra of his vague explanation of the nature of Laksanas as ; but we see that he followed Bharata and held them as features of Kavya and not of Nataka only.

From what we see in the chapter, i. But ordinary things must have purple patches. I’m intrested in Yoga,Meditation,Vedanta ,Upanishads,so,i’m naturally happy i found many rare titles in your unique garden! Everything redundant has a harmful effect. For privacy concerns, please view our Privacy Policy. Please note that your card will be active in the system for 30 days. These also count for Rasa. When Hema- candra says that Vamana’s Arthavyakti guna is needless, because it is nothing but the Alankara named Jati, he is not making a proper criticism.

Raymond Problem of Style: The function of Alankara is to heighten the effect ; it is to aid the poet to say more pointedly. The Indian Music Publishing House, p.

Bain Sjeyen Arts and Seven Confusions: It is quite likely the text is not complete and S’aradatanaya who numbers Laksanas in the end as 64, took more of the above 12 of Bhoja.

Rucipati, in his commentary on the Anargharaghava. It is only the Avanti that is absolutely new. Krishnamoorthy Dharwad, Karnatak I am sure that the work will be a landmark in the researches in the concept and application of the Alankaras devised by Sanskrit rhetoricians and that it will pave the way for similar studies regarding other Alankaras.

Accordingly while treating t f the Laksanas, one by one, he notices the definitions in the other recension and also shows, quite arbitrarily in most cases, how both mean the same thing. There is at least a strong tendency to wax figurative in forceful situations.

Dandin also, like Bhamaha, calls Bhavikatva or Bhavika, a Prabandha guna. This expressional deviation, this striking disposition of words and ideas, is Alahkara ; this constitutes the beautiful poetic form. I have purchased several items from Exotic India: Kuntaka must be put down as a follower of Bhamaha with this diffe- rence that while for Bhamaha, Svabhavokti is comprehended as a variety of Alankara in Vakrokti, for Kuntaka, Svabha- vokti is not to be called an Alankara or a species of Vakrokti because it is the very nature of the idea which forms tfie material for the further employment of Vakrokti.


Western writers also have laid similar conditions regarding ornament. Thus Alahkaras have their meaning only if they keep to their places: Wonderful items and service!

Alankara – Wikipedia

As sasrta, these Alankaras should flow out of Rasa. It is said that the first gait of the actor on the stage interprets him and his character to the audience ; that first impression stands to the sastrra. Such is the view of the commentators and later writers also, none of whom sees reference to any Alahkara in the Varta here.

Bhamahaalso excludes ordinariness in expression in his description of poetry: Things repellent and terrible by [themselves must never be conceived in images of charm and love. For Bhamaha Vakrokti is Alahkara, and Svabhavokti also which has got its own degree of Vakrata marking it off from mere Varta is comprised in Vakrokti.

Nor does he make any attempt to differentiate them from Alahkaras. This valuable book embodies the results of methodical and patient researches stretched sastraa a prolonged period of time.

Excerpts from some Select Opinions: