After on Start reading After on your Kindle in under a minute. . After by Amy Efaw is a well-researched examination of teen pregnancy and. They say that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. This time, though, the cover was the reason why I decided to pick up After, flip it over, and find. During Devon’s declination hearing, Jenifer starts to question how she raised Devon. She is convinced that it is her fault that Devon abandoned.

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It was not properly built into and it did not resolve anything.

Books by Amy Efaw. She takes IT out. It read like an episode of Law and Order: The reader witnesses Devon’s story unfold piece by piece, almost as if we are understanding what transpired at the same time Devon does. It told me that no matter how well you think you know someone, there’s always something new. Jan 31, Rebecca McNutt rated it really liked it Shelves: Can I plead guilty?

Anyways, I would suggest this book for nice relaxful days or an airplane trip or whatever.

There wasn’t any condescending or overly sympathetic tone in the narrative, no interruption from the author, absolutely nothing–very straightforward.

Devon herself, smart and ay, who pretty much raised herself and is driven to be nothing like her mother. Also, and this is tied up with a forthcoming issue I had, the revelation Devon has about her mom toward the end is really unfair in my opinion.


It comes ecaw more as the author’s moral judgment than it does a realistic or redemptive ending. Coba kita lihat pada kehidupan Devon. By the end of the book, I still hadn’t come anywhere close to loving Devon, but I had long been understanding of her.

This book made me sad, so sad. Hingga ketika dia hamil, penyangkalan-penyangkalan itu terus aym, Devon memblokir pikirannya mengenai kehamilan. Great subject matter teenage pregnancy handled in a most appropriate and empathetic manner by Amy Efaw.

A world filled with kids with problems more complicated than she has ever experienced. Karena di sini Devon digambarkan tinggi dan langsing, gw mbayanginnya dia hamil ala Juno dengan perutnya yg kayak diisi bola.


What was efxw even? I get that birth is a messy process and that the trauma of it severely affected Devon, but as much time and attention as is devoted to the yuck factor is completely unnecessary. Jujur pertama baca aku merasa kesal dengan sikap Devon yang terkesan “sengaja” melupakan bahwa dia sudah melakukan kejahatan.

Devon is getting blamed for throwing away the infant. It really made the story realistic.

AFTER by Amy Efaw | Kirkus Reviews

However, I will say that I actually really enjoyed this book and I found myself feeling really bad for Devon even though what she did was horrible. Yes, she went through something traumatic, but doesn’t she want to help herself?

Clearly, this was a teen in deep need of psychiatric As a eaw fan of YA lit, I was intrigued by the premise of this novel and then horribly disappointed in the execution. Soon the connection is made? The novel is a page turner out of the sad headlines of our time.


How many times to I need to read about blood in the underwear, milk squirting out all over the place, or “pulsating umbilical cord”s? The chapters are pretty small Estimated about …more Im pretty sure there is about pages, its been a few weeks since I’ve personally read the book.

It sucked me in so deeply and gripped me so tightly that I ended up reading the entire thing in 4 hours straight without enough of a break to pee or even breathe.

AFTER is definitely an engaging read. Special Victims Unit aftfr at least has theatre actors in guest-starring roles and bizarro plotlines that make me laugh.

Her mom’s kind of flaky, so she doesn’t even notice how sick Devon is, just semi-chastises her for missing school and launches into a story of how they’d found a baby in the dumpster just outside their apartment complex.

After by Amy Efaw | : Books

And then it left me shaken and thoroughly stirred. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Part of me aftfr I was ignorant about situations like these so I don’t have to deal with the emotions and trying to figure out my thoughts.