Honeywell H Wireless Transceiver. The H contains the same internal guts as a ENH wireless receiver and a H Installation manual. Document Includes User Manual KV5-B__ii. ADEMCO H RF Transceiver – Installation and Setup Guide INTRODUCTION SERIES. The Honeywell (formerly Ademco) H combines a ENH Receiver and a TM Transmission Module, making wireless bi-directional installations.

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Debug Gold Member Posts: I read the programing manual for hours and finaly I was abble to reset everything and assign a new installer code and master code. ADT won’t help us in this case but we didn’t need them: They are on order and hopefully coming in at the end of the week.

Does the V – Ademco Acemco Keypad work with my system? The wireless receiver is a H Debug.

Honeywell ADEMCO 5883H Installation And Setup Manual

GraysonPeddie Security Guru Posts: You will need a TM receiver, which will work with the wireless keypad. Here’s the website 583h the products available: Actually, the TM is a transmitter. It is used to send status information from the adecmo to the wireless keypad. Mmanual are generally installed in conjunction with a or receiver. The receiver and the RF keypads have a TM built in. I have all the answers.

As far as I understand it, it has something todo with the Bi-Directional functionality. November 13, Where I am I’ve only ever seen Vista 10, 20, 40, 50; no 30s. Thank you very much for the help. It’s a Rollins N, is this no. It’s really tough to do programing via this keypad Is there any compatible hardwired 2-line alpha keypad?


I have read about the and the Well, I found your manuals install and user on my Ademco CD. It asemco specifically talk about the TM so you should be good there. November 14, I just talked to two different technical supports.

5883H – Honeywell High-Security Wireless Alarm Transceiver

I don’t understand why November 15, You have to connect the wire to the control panel. Or maybe the TM works out with my system? It’s a little bit confusing I placed the following orders today. First of all I will need the alpha keypad addemco program the system, either the or the RF RF-based keypads came with a built-in TM. For more information, visit Honeywell’s website: November xdemco, Logged I have all the answers.

I believe the requires a high security receiver which the is. Both keypads are bi-directional, that is they send and receive information. The presents the information with a full alpha display; the V with a fixed display and voice annunciation.

Being that you have the receiver, I doubt the would work, even with the TM. The should work when you add the TM. The XM is a two partition system with 3 codes each. The V10 is one partition with 6 or 7 codes. The basic operation on, off, bypass will be the same but capacities and features will vary.

I would think that the TM would work with any series compatible panel but I could be wrong. Quote It’s a Rollins N, is this no. Most Ademco equipment has variations of that number printed on the circuit board but I think they’re part no’s rather that model no’s.

Does the keypad resemble any in the user manual?


The install manual talks about the ; the is its replacement so either should work. What kind of programming are you trying to do?

Quote What kind of programming are you trying to do? My Rollins keypad is a fixed word keypad and ademck showing everything like described in the manual. Yesterday I temporary disabled Zone 12 window transmitter but it was a “blind” step trough the program. Do I need some wiring tools to switch from addmco Rollins to theor do the panels have standard plugs? Is there a need for special crimping tool? Quote My Rollins keypad is a fixed word keypad and not showing everything like described in the manual And it won’t.

That is something that is really a PIA about Ademco: If you managed to step thru with a fixed keypad, you’re doing very well. It can be done but as you said, “blind” is the operative word. Quote Do I need some wiring tools to switch from the Rollins to theor do the panels have standard plugs? The old keypads did have plugs but the has terminals. No special tools required, just cut off the plug, strip the wires and put them in the terminals.

Not at all, just a pair of pliers. Just squeeze to crimp, squeeze the other way to uncrimp don’t reuse them. I use these all the time but I’m not a fan of the term “wire connectors”. People think if the wire’s inside, then it’s connected.

For me, the “connection” is in the splice: Logged Debug Gold Member Posts: