GE Healthcare c Anesthesia Machine Technical Reference Manual Software Revision 1.x Approved −12−9 EET Junmin Ji (Rick) M c Product Data Sheet – GE Healthcare c Familiar, reliable, GE – with over years experience in anesthesia and quality leadership? 53 cm/21 in Depth: 40 cm/16 in Side of machine: cm/45 in Height: The c is the ideal solution for customers seeking an affordable, reliable and easy-to-use anaesthesia system. The c is designed and manufactured in.

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User maintenance listed below. If required, replace the disc seat and the o-ring D. Navigator Applications Suite A digital clinical decision support tool that puts relevant, reliable, and predictive information at your fingertips.

Annual Turnover More than Rs. O2 Cell Section 4. Remarks The data is stored xnesthesia EEPROM and is used during normal operation to compensate for the individual flow sensor output characteristics. Remove the four mounting screws from the manifold.

MOPV pressure relief valve test Section 6. Pull the flowmeter module backward slowly. It details the following components: Scissor the tail, ensure the tail is not longer than 3 mm. Alarm Message If a User Alarm persists after the recommended action has been performed, the message indicates mxchine probable component and related circuit that needs repair. For traceability, the Global Service and Support Helpdesk is copied on the email.


Airway pressure gauge accuracy check Section 5. GE Therapy Interface Solutions.

c NXT | GE Healthcare

Carestation 6oo Series TM is a reliable and agile anaesthesia platform with smart tools to help simplify anesthewia daily work and manage non-ordinary events.

Access the Service Mode — Calibration menu. Engine The pneumatic Vent Engine consists of the hardware that drives the ventilator bellows. Refer to Section 3 of this manual.

c NXT – Anesthesia Delivery – Products –

Anezthesia the four screws H at each corner of the display display mounting bracket that hold the LCD display to the mounting bracket.

Legal Status of Firm Private Ltd. Connect the flow sensor B to the calibration fixture. Test the low minute volume alarm: Ventilator drive gas select Plug the drive gas outlet with the test adapter port 4. Lift the upper shelf. Exhaled gas EZchange OFF flows from the patient, through a unidirectional valve expiratory check valve and into the bellows. View Anesthesja Call Seller Now. IEC rated systems Not U.

Slowly open the cylinder valve for the regulator being tested. Direct access to ventilator parameter 9100 Exhaled gas EZchange ON flows from the patient, through a unidirectional valve expiratory check valve and into the bellows.

Fully open anestgesia needle valve on the test device counterclockwise. Portable Anaesthesia Machine in Kolkata. Make sure the alarm cancels. Reassemble in reverse order. Connect the open end of the patient Y-piece to the bag port handle. The tester o-ring should create a seal with the top of the valve.


GE Healthcare Anesthesia Machine- 9100C, ICU Use, Medical Use

Remove your anestheska or the test plug from the patient connection. Thread a 6-mm screw two turns only into the brass retaining ring and pull it out. Remove the bellows assembly, remove the AGSS if equipped.

If a regulator is replaced, the replacement regulator must be set as required to the same specification as the one removed. The apnea alarm occurs after 15 seconds.

Multipurpose Anaesthesia Machine- 9100C

At the lower flows, the O2 monitor may take up to 90 seconds to stabilize. Robust machinne reliable, the c is compact and lightweight, easy to manoeuver in any Hypoxic guard system Type: Higher concentrations of O2 are possible when the hypoxic guard is not engaged: Leaking anestbesia valve Attach pressure measuring device on common gas outlet.

Decreasing the N2O flow from the engagement point rotates the O2 sprocket away on the O2 knob, increasing the O2 concentration.

If required, clean the enclosure window if new, remove the protective film.