go to and click under new and updated on the left valve body overhaul and then the section. wheel. Roller Clutch. Gov. Valve Body. A. B. C. D. E. I. ZF. I. ZF3HP22, ZF4HP22, ZF4HP BMW ZF 4HP22 Remanufactured Valve Body. remanufactured with OEM parts including all upgrades dyno tested with simulator and calibrated for better shift.

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The fine debris finds its way past the filter and tends to accumulate in the governor, causing it to stick.

I took it to a local trans shop thinking a fluid change would help, and the technician came out to the waiting area with my pan to show me the “ocean” of shavings nody had collected. Torque Converter Depth Table The box code is the last 3 digits of the second number down on the name plate on the 4bp22 hand side of the autobox. And to make installation a snap, transmission controllers are available that include all the components you need.

For the strongest set up I would suggest purchasing the 2. WarrenL Active Member Sep 3, The valve blocks look totally identical, Jim. WarrenL Active Member Aug 11, This page was last edited 4bp22 16 Septemberat The converter appears the same save for possibly some internal differences.

Shop the Largest Selection, Click to See! It combines the hydraulic control of forward and reverse gear engagement, with electronic control for automatic upshifts from 1st bocy 4th and automatic downshifts from 4th thru 1st gears. Whatever advice you require, our team is here to help! Examples of situations that could lead to transmission failure include warming up the catalytic converter on petrol engine -powered vehicle with too high RPM, or while measuring valev of smoke on diesel engine -powered vehicle and keeping the throttle full for too long time.


Completely different from BMW, but I was getting careful by now and got it apart without disturbing anything. ZF4HP22 D1 valve block rebuild.

I cant source a full 4HP24 and just swap the parts, i would like to upgrade as many parts as possible on the 4HP22 so it wont die when pushing nm torque. A brief introduction to the tuning mods to lift performance of your engine.

ZF 4HP22E Valve Body Rebuild

The transmissions were available in a wide number of platforms for 22 years before finally being replaced in New refers to a brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item, while Used refers to an item that has been used previously. Firstly, being a family man with a mortgage I can’t afford a professional conversion, so I have to do as much as possible myself, even though I know next to nothing about automatic gearboxes.

The problem is caused by vakve amounts of vibration being transferred through the gears. This machine has enabled us to improve the quality of our boxes by identifying any potential faults or problems before the box reaches the customer. If you cannot find the part you are looking for give us a call and we will be glad to help.

Sonnax high performance transmission products meet the toughest challenges faced by hard-working, daily-use transmissions as well as racing units going all-out on the street or track. Series III vehicles had alternators fitted as standard, and it is a simple and worthwhile job to upgrade from dynamo to alternator charging, especially if you plan to use your vehicle after dark, or want to fit power-hungry accessories such as heated front windscreens.

Retrieved from ” https: The problem will often recur as debris from damaged parts continues to obdy up in 4h22 governor.

Zf4Hp22 Valve Body Manual ยท GitBook (Legacy)

Drum Zf4hp22 Forward Clutcha Clutch. However I’ve decided to start a new one which sticks to recording the process of preparing and installing a 4HP22 in a Rover P6B, for the boddy easy reference of all. The weight of the centre support bearing down on the rubber seals will slice them clean in half, hence the need for new ones, and you do not risk damaging the vslve by picking at them. I have in my possession two ZFs: When the torque converter has fully located onto the pump it is essential to then measure the distance from the bellhousing front face to the torque converter feet also known as the flange that the flexplate is bolted to.


Bkdy is the Land Rover one, complete with optional extra leaves.

ZF 4HP22 step by step.

Another issue is the governor valve sticking, which can be caused by contamination. The song was written in conjunction with the bands’ Appetite for Construction Tour, featuring members from all three bands on tour, Switchfoot, Relient K, and Ruth. vavle

There are special tools and equipment and special procedures to carry out this repair, you must re-flash the computer with the latest software upgrade Automatic Transmission Parts JP Automatic Transmissions Ltd have been leading suppliers of parts across the UK and world wide sinceoffering a knowledgeable, responsive, and reliable service.

It depends on your design. If that doesn’t work Browse Land Package available bodt buying today online. It sounds daunting, but if I managed it, you can too, provided you take your time and due care.

Did not need to clean the gasket as it came off whole. I was under the mistaken impression that there was a method of getting them out intact. We are able to supply the ZF4HP22 with optional strength upgrades depending what you are doing with the vehicle, what gearing, what engine Etc.