The Annual Course Listing is a reference document for MCI course .. and Patrolling A The LAV Crewman B Desert Operations. D K H K B B C B J K G C D A B B. Wednesday, May 18, lnp8,ta, Ma 18, HOUSEHOLD COODS 48 1 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES: BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES 44! rev DISCOUNT HOUSE.

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Gives guidance on what to expect and how 0383a survive in a terrorist situation. Designed for Pvt-Sgt in MOS or for those who may be required to perform duties as a machinegunner or lead a machinegun team. The certificate will not be mailed to the student but can be printed locally. Washington Navy Yard The LRC is a designated facility that provides multimedia workstations for Marines to access the distance learning network and Web-based courseware.

This handbook is intended for instructional purpose only. Completion is a requirement for promotion to gunnery sergeant. If you have questions concerning this. RR-4 R Range Rd.

ACE only recommends college credits; the award of college or vocational credits for completed MCI course work is strictly up to each institution. When a student enrolls in the program, the text and examination packages for each course are mailed directly to the student. This course will reinforce your knowledge of landmine operations and procedures acquired through formal training.

Room Camp Foster. The letter must include the full name. MCI issues a diploma. Prerequisites for certain courses are listed and explained under the pertinent course. The topics include electrical principles. American Council on Education This handbook is designed as a readily available notebook that contains heavily used information, reports, requests, etc that pertain to the AAV MOS in a field environment.


Students may only enroll in one program at a time. Designed for Marines in MOSs or This program is the prerequisite for sergeants to attend the resident Sergeant’s Course and is a requirement for promotion to staff sergeant.

The purpose of each program. Describes construction procedures to include splices, ties, climbing field telephone poles, and waterproofing. No completion certificates will be mailed from MCI. Fills a gap in training needs and provides intermediate level training information to Marines in field.

This recommendation makes it easier for Marines to obtain college or vocational credit for courses they have completed. Also mcci instruction on the location of the major components and a description of the vehicle’s accessory equipment.

Discusses the principles of transmission and physical and cryptographic security. This course is designed for all officers. If a fax is used. Also designed for those in the Covers management concepts, input procedures, reports, files, and validations.

Designed for Pvt-Sgt in the 35 occupational field. None Provides information about the organization and employment of the MAGTF and its relation to communications planning.

Mci Course List

In addition to monitor 0338s operations, this course provides detailed instruction in chemical contamination predictions NBC 1 to NBC 4 reports and other battalion control center operations. The course consists of learning experiences necessary to perform those duties associated with the Digital Technical Control DTC van.

In addition to monitor survey operations. Although not a requirement. Detailed instructions are contained in each text and examination package. Provides information on setting up a weight control and personal appearance program on an individual 0338x unit level.


Mci Course List – [PDF Document]

If a fax is used, contact MCI beforehand to provide point of contact information. This course emphasizes operator maintenance assembly and disassembly and immediate action procedures.

Emphasizes maintenance management terminology, resources, productions, and information. NoneDesigned to help prospective NCOs master the difficult art of leadership. Room Camp Schwab. Designed for Pvt-Sgt who are assigned duties as disbursing clerks or in an allied field, such as command, administrative, or career counselors.

Further, this course covers engine operations, ramp, and auxiliary operations.

Mci Course List – dc power training courses

The certificate will not be mailed to the student but can be printed locally. NCO Provides the student with a basic knowledge of the day-to-day operations and procedures a noncommissioned officer in the MOS is required to know. The curriculum is designed to develop the leadership, communications, and analytical thinking skills necessary to become an effective NCO. The first two digits of each course number generally represent the occupational field of the course material. This course also discusses 03338a operations.

Fills a gap in training needs and provides intermediate level training information to Marines in field. The scope of this publication is intended to provide a quick reference jci the following: A failing grade gives the student the option to recycle or disenroll. At the time of the transfer. Washington Navy Mxi DC